Cuppanut - New Coconut, No-Caffeine Tea

Remember Gareth Gates?

The singer that shot to fame in Pop Idol in 2002?

Course you do.

Anyway, he's just launched a coconut tea - actually there's no tea in it, it's a coconut infusion. Coconut pieces in a tea bag that you infuse in warm water. 

It looks like this...

It's called Cuppanut and I was sent a few sample tea bags in the post to try.

The plain coconut one was quite sweet and soothing, and tasted aromatic, slightly oily (in a good coconutty way). It was good, and I like the quality of the silky little bags that hold all the coconut bits.

There was also a coconut and cranberry flavour - this was really refreshing - again sweet, but a little bit tart, which gently coloured the water a beautiful sunset shade of pink. I imagine this one would be good infused, cooled and poured over ice, like an iced tea, maybe with a sprig of mint or thyme.

The final flavour I tried was coconut, ginger and turmeric. Praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, this tea was relaxing and comforting. I could really get used to the flavour of this one - it was sweet, but earthy and the turmeric tinged the water a pleasing shade of yellow. 

You need to know that this tea doesn't actually contain any tea, which is what I thought it did, before I tried it. But it's good. It's coconut infused and blended with the other flavours. I think it would make a refreshing drink if you're trying to cut down your caffeine intake. The tea is priced at £4.50 for 15 bags, from what I see on the website, which I think is reasonable, coming out at 30p per cup.

The bags are also biodegradable, so they won't clog up the landfill. I just popped mine in the compost after I finished drinking. You also don't add any milk, so it's perfect for anyone on a dairy-free diet. 

They tell me that Cuppanut is healthy for you, too. 

They say that "the bountiful health benefits of coconut include rehydration (it's packed with electrolytes) and obesity prevention thanks to properties that help speed up metabolism. Coconut flesh also provides healthy short chain and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which are essential to good health and contribute to better heart health."

Yes, it might be something a bit luxurious, and more of a treat rather than drinking constantly throughout the day, but just sometimes we need a cup of something warm and refreshing and I think this does hit the spot. Especially the cranberry one. That one was my favourite. Although the turmeric one wasn't far behind. 

Visit the website to find out more about Cuppanut.

Disclosure: The samples were sent by Cuppanut for me to try, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.