SPICE is Here!

Cue much applause.

Because if you've been missing curries, naan breads and sweet and sour sauce on the autoimmune protocol, I'm here to help.

Today I released my new ebook, SPICE, which contains over 90 recipes that I hope will encourage you to use more herbs and spices on AIP. And just because you're working with a limited list, it doesn't mean you can't recreate some of your favourite curries, sauces and roasts.


And even better, the ebook contains some of the most popular recipes on the blog but also over 60 brand new recipes created specially for the book. There's an AIP Lamb Do Piaza curry, a completely AIP-compliant Red Thai Curry and a lamb hash that's inspired by what Ancient Egyptians ate. And there are recipes that will make you think about using these beautiful herbs and spices a little bit more often - fragrant soups, aromatic roast dinners, even drinks strewn with herbs.  

The combinations were great fun to work with. Have you ever thought about serving courgettes (zucchini) with basil? Blueberries and thyme? Or parsnips with rosemary? And have you ever tried black garlic? Lots of fun. 

I've also researched the herbs and spices that are allowed in the strict, elimination stage of AIP and given descriptions of them all, as well as suggestions for how you could use them, giving special instructions on their use and storage, where relevant. I've included a formula on how to make your own AIP curries, so you can tweak and adjust the recipes to suit you.

As you can probably see, I am so excited about this ebook. 

It took me about a year and half to finish it. I recognised that there was a need for a resource like this one, that deals with spices and herbs, and how to use them in your AIP-compliant dishes.

Here's what you get with SPICE: (If you're reading in the US, click here)

  • Over 90 recipes that showcase different herbs and spices, to inspire you in your everyday cooking. 
  • There are recipes for nibbles, soups, main meals, salads, sides, sweet treats, drinks and condiments
  • All recipes are paleo and autoimmune protocol compliant
  • Over 60 recipes that are brand new and written especially for the ebook
  • Information and advice on the AIP-compliant herbs and spices

The 90 recipes include:

  • Lamb Do Piaza
  • AIP Garlic and Coriander (Cilantro) Naan Breads
  • Egyptian Style Lamb and Artichoke Hash
  • Spring Greens Soup with Basil Oil
  • AIP Red Thai Vegetable Curry
  • Indian-Style Mushroom Cauliflower Rice
  • AIP Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce
  • Chai Tea Ice Lollies
  • Cinnamon and Honey Ice Cream
  • Chip Shop Style Curry Sauce (for dipping parsnip fries in!)

The ebook is available to download now over at the Amazon Kindle Store.
Let me know what you think!

What others think of SPICE: 

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  • "If you're wondering how you'll ever survive without takeout food on the AIP, fear not! This ecookbook is your answer." Grace Heerman, Autoimmune Paleo SPICE Full Review

  • "As you go through Jo's cookbook Spice, you will fall in love with her curries and stews. They look so wonderfully fragrant and tasty!" A Squirrel in the Kitchen Review

  • "She's affectionately known as the AIP Spice Lady! If you're missing spicy food on AIP, this is the ebook you need." Joanna Frankham Coaching, FB

  • "Jo's AIP Red Thai Curry Paste offers a different kinds of heat, that is pleasantly fleeting instead of painfuling lingering past t's welcome, in comparison to traditional chilis. With just the right amount of kick, the dish is packed with complex aromatic flavors from the perfectly complimenting ingredients." Heal Me in The Kitchen Review