Review of 19 Nourishing Concoctions and Recipe for Star Crush Soda

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Hands up if you've ever thought 'damn, I wish there were more inventive and creative drinks for the autoimmune protocol or paleo diets. Something I'd look cool sipping on the beach, or serving up to friends at a party...'

I know I have. 

Yes there's tea, herbal teas and water but sometimes don't you wish you had a brightly-coloured glass of something chilled and fruity with paper umbrellas, sliced fruits and straws sticking out of it? Like this? 

Star Crushed Soda from Nourishing Concoctions - Comfort Bites
The Star Crush Soda from 19 Nourishing Concoctions

This new ebook, by Jonathan Hawes and Andy Torres features 19 drinks, which they say are for 'hangover free entertaining'. And - instead of just taking well-known bar drinks and adapting them for paleo they've actually invented brand new ones. Exciting ones. With cool names, like English Pick Up Line (my personal fave), Old Sourpuss and Spiced and Iced.  

It's mentioned pretty early on in the book that some recipes have been tested to include a sugar syrup to sweeten them but there is the option to remove this completely if you're cutting back on sugar, letting the natural ingredients sweeten your drink instead. 

If you're on AIP then there are quite a few recipes you could make straight from the book, without tweaking at all - like Annurism or Morroccan Storm (see, I told you they have good names) - but for others you could either leave out the sugar syrup or the non AIP ingredients like vanilla extract (it's only ok if it's cooked) or egg whites. You could swap in vanilla powder for the extract, or use a little coconut sugar instead of white sugar. The taste won't be quite the same but you never know, you might end up creating your very own, party-worthy AIP mocktail in the process. 

Nourishing Concoctions ebook - Review at Comfort Bites

I think that Nourishing Concoctions fills a gap in the paleo and AIP ebook markets. We have lots of recipes for breakfasts, snacks, dinners and even desserts - but I always feel lost when it comes to drinks. Especially for celebrations - birthdays, BBQs or Sunday afternoons in the garden with your mates. I feel like now I could make a big jug of one of these colourful drinks (I am so desperate to try the iced Earl Grey tea drinks - check my Instagram and Facebook, I'll be snapping them on there soon). The other great thing is that they're all alcohol-free, so - depending on their tastes and the other ingredients - you could share them with the kids, too. All good things. 

And speaking of all good things, I've been allowed to share with you a sneak-peek of one of the drinks recipes from the ebook. Enjoy! 

The Star Crush Soda
(from the ebook Nourishing Concoctions by Jonathan Hawes and Andy Torres)

In a highball or Collins glass: 
½ fresh squeezed lemon or lime
½ star fruit, chopped

Muddle the star fruit
Add cold sparkling water and stir
Save a slice of star fruit for garnish

Download your copy of Nourishing Concoctions here - let me know what you make!