Giveaway: Amazing Magazine

As you probably know, I have two children, aged 7 and 10. But our lives don't revolve only around food and me trying to sneak more vegetables into their paleo-ish diet without them noticing (they're onto me - they can sniff out a tablespoon of coconut flour at 50 paces). 

As well as all that, we're also busy with after school clubs, homework, music lessons and, well... more homework. 

And I think it's kind of my duty that if something comes along that I think will help other parents like me do all of that a bit more easily, I'll pass that info along. And so I wanted to tell you about this: Amazing magazine. 

Amazing is a new magazine that's come out, aimed for children aged seven years and over. It covers subjects and content that's in the National Curriculum, including Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Arts, Foreign Languages and Personal Development, as well as others.

My first thought was that this was an educational magazine that made these subjects fun for children. But the creators of Amazing tell me that it's actually the other way around. 

"We take subjects that children actually like reading about such as zombies, aliens, cheesy feet etc and link these in clever and humorous ways back to the National Curriculum. In this way, children get to read things of interest to them, and all along they're learning about the things that matter - there's nothing else quite like it on the planet." 

I was sent two issues of the magazine to have a look at, one of which happened to be a Romans special, just as I find out my youngest daughter is tackling the subject at school next term, which was good timing.

Although it's not a Horrible Histories magazine, it does have a similar feel to it (my girls loved the TV series and the books - we even sang the Charles II rap as we walked around Windsor Castle on a day out - and yes, I know all the words). There are drawings and cartoons, as well as photos. The activities (one of which was a Make Your Own Roman Cheesecake Recipe) are given with step-by-step photos. There are quizzes throughout, too. Everything about the magazine is fun, clear to follow and relevant. 

My 7-year old looked through the magazines for longer than my 10-year old did, so I'm not sure if it's her or whether it appeals more to the younger end of the age range. My 7-year old had the Roman poster out of the middle (with an inspirational quote, no less) on her bedroom wall within a few minutes, and she's decided to make the cheesecakes. She's also learned how to make bogeys and when the first false teeth were invented. I learned that 300 million of our body's cells die every minute, which is a bit alarming, but good to know. 

I think this is a fun way of supporting your children's schoolwork at home. It's definitely fun, and I like that it takes things that children like and then turns them into things they can learn from. Like making bogeys (Food Technology) or taking weird sayings and teaching them about idioms (English). It also means that the things they're reading about are relevant to what they're learning about in school and you'd hope that they might accidentally learn facts they can share in class because they just found it out. I thought it would probably increase engagement in class.

Annual subscription for the magazine is £49 for 12 issues (a year's worth). You can also subscribe online through iTunes, GooglePlay and Kindle Store for £23.99. And there are discounts too for teachers and schools. 

Want to have a look or try it out for yourself? Well Amazing have given me 10 copies of the next issue (due out in May) to give away to you lovely readers, to see what it's all about. 

Also (so many good things here in one post!) they're also giving Comfort Bites readers 10% off subscriptions if you order them at - just use the code WOW10 at checkout to qualify. 

Giveaway Rules: 

  • Giveaway open to residents of the UK only. 
  • Giveaway starts on 31 March 2016 and ends midnight (UK time) 14th April 2016. 
  • The giveaway is for one copy of Amazing, which will be mailed out in May 2016. If you would like a subscription you'll have to purchase one through one of the methods described above (use the Amazing website to use the 10% discount code). 
  • You have a chance to win one of ten giveaway copies.
  • Any questions please email me
  • Amazing Publishing's decision on any aspect of this giveaway is final.  
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