Orange and Blueberry Smoothie

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So. Smoothies. 

You know what, they're a great thing to whip up quickly for breakfast, or even as a refreshing dessert-type drink. I love them because if I'm having a sugar craving, a berry smoothie usually sorts it out and tricks my brain into thinking I've eaten something sugary. When actually, I've just drunk down a load of antioxidants, vitamin C, healthy fats and fibre. Win. 

This smoothie is creamy but as well as being speckled with blueberries, it's also tangy and refreshing, on account of the orange juice that's used, too. I always thought citrus fruits and blueberries were a great combo, particularly in my old baking days when I'd pair up zesty lemon and bluebs in a muffin. 

This is the blender I use for smoothies, soups, onion chopping (yes, really). It's a stick blender but it comes with attachments for mashing vegetables, a super-powerful one for soups and a chopper bowl for chopping up onions and making chimichurri. You can see it at work in my You Tube videos

But anyway. Back to the smoothie. 

You're going to love it. 

Orange and Blueberry Smoothie
Serves 1
juice of 1 orange
splash (about half a cup) of full fat coconut milk
handful of frozen blueberries (or use fresh if that's what you have)

Place the orange juice, coconut milk and blueberries in a jug and blend with a stick blender (or your usual blender) until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass and drink straight away. 

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