Serious Pig Snacking Salami

Have you heard of Serious Pig?

They're a British Charcuterie business that have revolutionised snack-times. According to the website it was a search for the perfect bar snack that led to Serious Pig being formed - and to be honest, I'd take a pack of this instead of a packet of crisps any day. As well as the snacking salami (pictured) they also offer snackingham - pork cooked and seasoned with herbs and spices. I was sent a couple of the snacking salamis to try - the spicy 'chilli' flavoured and also the classic version. 

Serious Pig's Snacking Salami: Chilli and Paprika

I REALLY loved them. 

Unlike some of the cheaper, processed snacking salamis you can buy in the shops, Serious Pig's salamis are dense and meaty - the chilli one slightly spicy but nothing too terrifying or fiery. My ten-year old had a bite and loved it. They're just the right size for a snack, too. The classic salami was dense and meaty too, but there was a lovely black pepperiness there. Quite addictive. I rolled half the chilli salami back up in its pack and finished it off by slicing and frying in an omelette the next day and it was perfect. 

It's really important to Serious Pig that they're transparent about the ingredients in their products - they're really against obscure, unnecessary ingredients that get added in to some snacking meats. As they say 'craft, not crap.' And they even take transparency to another level - you can choose the breed of pig that will be used in the next batch of snackingham, via their website. Go visit and hear them weigh up the different breeds and how it will affect the final taste and texture of the ham. 

Want to find out more? Have a look at the Serious Pig website for more details.