The AIP Reset: Why One Round of Strict AIP Might Not Be Enough

I've been AIP and then paleo for almost 2 years and I've seen some amazing changes. 

When I look back at myself two years ago, I was severely depressed, continually anxious and had really low self-confidence. I had psoriasis patches that speckled my elbows, knees and small spots on my tummy and chest. My entire scalp was covered in thick scales that alternated between angry, burning red and dry, flaky white. I had symmetrical patches of psoriasis on my eyelids, just below my eyebrows. And I'd see the white flakes falling off onto my cheek and shoulders during the day. People I was with would notice it too. And I'd been that way for nearly 25 years. 

On top of THAT I had really bad digestion, in and out of the doctor's surgery with IBS, 24-hour heartburn, constant nausea or stomach pain. I was on a lot of steroid creams and pills. They masked the symptoms for a couple of days at a time, but in the long run, they weren't really helping. 

I felt terrible.

And then I found AIP. 

I did strict AIP for about a month and then started to bring foods back in. I found that nuts aggravated my skin and digestion. I cautiously reintroduced eggs - one a week - to see how I did. I introduced the odd tiny nibble of very dark chocolate, along with some seeds and nightshade spices, and cooked tomatoes. The odd portion of potatoes. And my skin improved, along with my state of mind and digestion. I felt great.

All good, then. 

So I got braver. I enjoyed paleo treats, more eggs (almost every day) and more cooked tomatoes. I ate the odd bit of dairy. Butter. Rice. I'll admit that I ate the odd (gasp) non-paleo food. A slice of cake was given to me by my grandad at his 90th birthday party. It felt rude to refuse it. But, all in all, everything was mostly paleo and going very well for about a year and a half. 

And then a week or so ago, I was awake most of the night with stomach pain and indigestion after I ate a Bolognese made with tomatoes and beef. I was craving sugar quite badly, too. The last psoriasis patch on my scalp that healed started to itch again, and that familiar burning feeling came back. The patch on my eyebrow turned scaly. I started to feel uneasy and stressed, and even had a panic attack that came from nowhere. 

I had overdone it. 

Now I look back, I realise that after I started reintroducing foods, I got complacent. I started baking paleo muffins and chocolate cakes a few times a month and ate white rice a few times every week. I had a spoonful of pinto beans on my burrito bowl when we ate out. Sometimes a dollop of sour cream, too, and Cheddar cheese. I ate this kind of thing very rarely - not even every month. And although nothing happened on the day I ate these non-AIP foods - or even the next day - it doesn't mean everything was going on fine and dandy inside my body. And, as I understand it, all these things start to add up, over time.

Paleo, yes. And delicious. But probably not the best thing for my health, in hindsight.

Paleo treats were still packed with honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and dates. I could go months without a treat but then the day I had one, I just wanted more as I started to crave the sugars again. And I already knew that sugar - even natural sugars - was one of my triggers for psoriasis. 

On top of all this, I wasn't sleeping - preferring to stay up late working or reading. I was feeling tired and lethargic. And when I'm tired, I crave sugary things. I also found I became more stressed and emotional when I was tired. See the pattern? I did. It was no wonder my psoriasis had started coming back.

So I started AIP all over again. 

The good news is that after 3 days, I no longer craved sugar. The psoriasis patch above my eye smoothed out and is now hardly visible. My scalp has some more healing to do, but no longer itches. I'm feeling much better and my mind is calmer and lighter.


For me, my healing was much quicker this time around, but then I'd had two years of AIP and paleo healing behind me before. But I'm now learning my lesson and avoiding the foods that are my personal triggers: sugar, dairy and nuts. I'm continuing with AIP now because I want to get my psoriasis in remission. I was nearly there before, I can get back there again.

So why am I telling you this? 

Well, you can't always just wave off the strict elimination phase of AIP in a 'thank goodness THAT'S all over' moment and think you'll never need it again, while you spoon scrambled eggs, nuts and paleo chocolate cake into your mouth. Some people might be able to do it, but it didn't work very well for me. 

So I'm currently on an AIP reset. But I don't think I need to go back to extremely strict AIP this time. I know for a fact that I can tolerate egg yolks and they're too incredibly nutrient dense to leave out. And I do know that seeds don't affect me at all, as well as green beans and peas. So I'm basically AIP with those things on top.

And, although I'll miss whole eggs, tomatoes and, yes, the paleo chocolate cake, too - it's reassuring to know that I can use AIP to settle myself back down again. And it's amazing that it can have such an impact on my skin in such a short time. The healing on the inside, though, I imagine will take a bit longer (even though I can't see it). 

This time round, I'll be reintroducing the other foods a bit slower and more carefully than before. 

Maybe I'll just have to settle for eating eggs a couple of times a week in the end, instead of all the time. Sugar, even natural, is out for me for the foreseeable future, as is rice. Maybe, in hindsight, tomatoes are out for me for a lot longer than I thought. 

But it's good that this happened. Because it helped me see a different side to AIP: that it's a learning process that goes way beyond the first elimination stage. My personal plan just needs a bit of tweaking, that's all. I think AIP is a very powerful healing tool. And let's be honest - it never was meant to be a one-time "magic" solution, was it?

Have you done an AIP reset? How did it help you?

Just to be clear: I'm not a doctor. Please don't take any of this as medical advice. I'm just sharing my own personal story and challenges trying to heal psoriasis with diet and lifestyle. I hope it helps.