Introduction to Paleo by Rebecca Field

I was provided with the Introduction to Paleo book for the purposes of this review. 

Are you new to paleo? Or are you an expert? Or somewhere in the middle? 

The thing with starting new is that it's difficult to get your head around shopping differently, eating cooked meals for breakfast and wondering what the heck you can eat. It's a really big change and I think many of us that have been doing it for a while forget what it's like in the very beginning. 

That's where this book, Introduction to Paleo, comes in. 

I was sent a copy to have a look at, so I can report back to you what I think about it. 

And I think it's pretty good. 

There's all the information about which foods to avoid and why, and it talks about what different foods do inside your body. Why views are changing over fats, and what sugars do to the body. It's good for you to know the reasons you avoid certain foods on paleo, not just because you've been told to. 

So there's the background, but also seven days of pep talks (going through exercise, stress management, sleep, etc) and also seven days of meal planning. So for that first week, you just go get your shopping, cook the meals set for the day and read the corresponding page for that day. 

In saying that, while many of us eat paleo (or paleo-ish) to help our health, this book focuses on weight loss, encouraging you to take measurements at the beginning of the week and again at the end of the week, so you can see the difference. But then we all have different reasons and different goals in mind when we eat the way we do. Also, sometimes the pages for each day can seem a bit repetitive with the same information, but then it is reinforcing the tips that will help you in that week, so as you read it once a day you don't really notice it. 

I tried some of the recipes - the butternut squash soup was lovely - I had to use dried sage because that's all I had, but the next time I make it will use fresh. I bet it'll taste a lot better and much more fragrant. I sat with the girls and we ate the chocolate baked bananas for pudding one day - my ten-year old always makes a face when I try and give her bananas but she loved this, because, well... CHOCOLATE. 

We also ate one of the breakfasts - a mushroom, bacon and egg frittata. Beautiful. And Instagram liked it, too. 

The recipes in this book aren't suitable for those on AIP (the recipes include tomatoes, eggs and peppers) but for general paleo it's a really good idea. It is good to have some support from the beginning - even in written form - encouraging you to think about why you're doing paleo and making sure you've got the lifestyle points covered, too - the sleep, stress and exercise. 

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