The Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook

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Believe me, when I say that I actually 'squeeed' in real life when the postman handed this book over to me. Once I closed the door, obvs. 

It's The Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook, by Irena Macri from the blog Eat Drink Paleo. In it, you've got recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners as well as puddings. No grains, no gluten, no refined sugar - but it does feature dairy, however it would be pretty easy to adapt the recipes if you didn't eat dairy at all.

One of the first dishes I made from the book was the sweet potatoes with prosciutto and sage - it was incredibly easy to make and we all loved it - even the girls gobbled it up.

The paleo Carbonara was another life-changer. Incredibly quick to make, and solved the problem of a paleo Carbonara that actually tastes of coconut (many bloggers use coconut milk in place of cream in regular Carbonara recipes). No coconut milk in here, just the classic beaten eggs and Parmesan cheese. Just how it should be. The girls loved the courgette spaghetti too, and dredged it all in extra Parmesan at the table. Get them

A lot of the recipes contain tomatoes, nuts, cheese, black pepper, etc - but I think you could switch out ingredients on many of the recipes if you're eating AIP and can't have any of those things. For example, the only thing you'd need to do to make the Carbonara AIP is use coconut or avocado oil and stir fry the bacon and other ingredients without adding the egg, Parmesan and black pepper. Easy. I've done it. And it's still flippin' gorgeous.

I also ate the smoked salmon 'no bagel' for breakfast one day and it was easy to put together and really felt like something special. The capers and onion give it just that bit of tang that balances the rich salmon and the sweet potato. That'll be making another appearance, too.

The recipe for sweet potato bacon mash has also become one of my favourites - I cook it for breakfast a lot of the time, too - I just leave out the almond milk - it's still soft and creamy without it.

There are still a lot of recipes I plan to cook from the book - garlic jam, I'm mostly looking at you.

I'd recommend it, especially if you can eat dairy - even if's just the odd bit of cheese - plus nuts, and nightshades. If you're still on the elimination part of the AIP, it's still a good book to have handy for inspiration, but you'll need to tweak many of the recipes, which won't be too difficult. Once you get a few reintroductions under your belt though, you'll be fine.

Want to find out more? Check out the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook on Amazon (affiliate link) - there's a Kindle edition, too...