I've Written A Children's Book!

A quick pause, because this is not entirely food related. It's not actually food related at all, to be honest. 

But I have written a children's book. 

It's REALLY exciting.

It's something I've wanted to do for a really long time and as the story formed in my head, I knew I had to write it down - and after a lot of editing, drawing and having fun coming up with characters, it's finished. I'm so happy with it. And so are my children, who got to read it before it was published. You know, in case I made any mistakes. 

It's called Tom, George and the Time Machine and it's about two kids who stumble upon an old contraption in Tom's Grandad's garage. They go inside to investigate and end up embarking on a crazy adventure through space and time - from drumstick-wielding in the Paleolithic era through to sandy Ancient Egypt, a look at a Tudor royal couple and then onwards to the present day. 

The thing is, Tom has a personal problem of his own, and he wonders if, while he's lucky enough to be able to command time travel, if it would be possible to use time to fix it. He soon finds out. 

As well as the fun of travelling through time and meeting characters face to face from the past the story also introduces children to some of the philosophical arguments for and against time travel. Like - if you go back in time and do something completely microscopic that you don't even realise, you could affect the future and even something really important like your own birth. Imagine that. 

In my mind all along was to help encourage a love of reading, but also to really paint the picture of what it would be like to walk through the fine sand in ancient Egypt or to get lost in a bustling, sixteenth-century street. What noises would you hear? Who would you see? What would it all smell like? I wanted to take the reader back to those times and pause for a second and imagine what it would really be like to stand in front of a king, or see the sun glinting off a Pharoah's gold head-dress. This is all stuff you don't usually get in the textbooks, which are full of facts and dates. This book allows you to use your imagination and actually travel with Tom and George, back through time. (Although it'd be a bit of a tight squeeze in that tiny time machine). 

Oh, and Grandad. You have to meet Grandad. He's brilliant. 

I hope you like it. It's available for download from Amazon Kindle worldwide. To get to the book, just click on the cover photo above.