55 AIP Recipes from Around the World

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Takeaways and meals out. 

It hardly ever happens on AIP, mostly because you just don't know what the heck is in there if you haven't cooked it yourself. Gluten, soy, MSG, nightshade spices... even an innocent grinding of black pepper could set you off on an autoimmune flare, if you're sensitive to it. Suddenly you realise it's a lot better (unless you know the restaurant VERY well) if you just cook it yourself. 

But where do you get inspiration for Chinese, Latin American, Thai and Lebanese-inspired AIP dishes? 

I've rounded up 55 recipes that are totally AIP-compliant and inspired by meals from around the world. Whether it's Massaman curry you fancy, or a bright bowl of Borscht - check out these recipes - created by completely amazing and creative AIP bloggers - to inspire you. I've already pinned a lot of these myself to try soon. I hope it inspires you to try something new! So... what are you cooking tonight? 

Healing Family Eats' Bolognese Sauce with Chicken Livers and Zoodles

Raspberry Coconut Panna Cotta - Healing Family Eats 
AIPizza - Paleo Cajun Lady 
Bolognese Sauce with Chicken Livers and Zoodles - Healing Family Eats 
Italian Paleo Meatballs - Gutsy By Nature 
Chicken Saltimbocca - Gutsy By Nature 
AIP Paleo Meatzza con Palmitos - Comfort Bites 
Autoimmune Courgette (Zucchini) Bolognese - Comfort Bites 


Beet Soup (Borscht) - Rootilicious 

Comfort Bites' Pork Belly Roasted with Garlic and Cider

AIP Bubble and Squeak - Comfort Bites 
Pork Belly Roasted with Garlic and Cider - Comfort Bites 
Breakfast Pork and Leek Burgers - Comfort Bites 
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Paleo Mint Sauce - Comfort Bites
AIP Cottage Pie (Use lamb mince for Shepherd's Pie) 
Colcannon (Irish) - Healing Family Eats

Beyond The Bite 4 Life's Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

Hidden Liver Mediterranean Turkey Burgers - Beyond The Bite 4 Life
Deconstructed Nightshade-Free Moussaka - The Paleo Partridge  
AIP Greek Salad - Enjoying This Journey 

Cabbage Casserole - Rootilicious 
Finnish Lamb and Cabbage Stew with Cranberries - Kaiku Lifestyle

Celeriac Remoulade - Healing Family Eats 
Delicata Squash Anna - Healing Family Eats 
Chunky Tapenade - Comfort Bites 


Tostones - Gutsy By Nature 


Roasted Lamb Ribs with Garlic and Parsley - Comfort Bites 
Argentine Calamares a la Provenzal - Comfort Bites 
AIP Argentine Puchero - Comfort Bites 
Pollo Provenzal - Comfort Bites 
Bacon Wrapped Chimichurri Stuffed Chicken - Comfort Bites 

Gutsy By Nature's Garlic Lime Marinated Cube Steak


Garlic Lime Marinated Cube Steak - Gutsy By Nature 


Paleo Asian-Style Burgers - Enjoying This Journey 

AIP Paleo Green Onion Bacon Fried Rice - Paleo Cajun Lady 


Asian Noodle Bowl - Beyond the Bite 4 Life 
Thai Inspired Turkey Meatball and Coconut Curry - Comfort Bites 
Beef and Parsnip Massaman Curry - Adventures in Partaking 


Paleo Asian Beef Liver Pâté - Beyond the Bite 4 Life 
Curried Chicken 'Rice' Stew - Phoenix Helix 
Paleo Lamb Biryani - Comfort Bites 


Chicken Zoodle Faux Pho - The Paleo Partridge 


White Kimchi (Baek Kimchi) - Provincial Paleo 


Instant Pot Sweet and Sour Mango Chicken Thighs - Paleo Cajun Lady 
Paleo Beef with Broccoli - Gutsy By Nature 
Sweet and Sour Glazed Meatballs - Beyond The Bite 4 Life 
Sichuan Ginger Cucumber - Petra8Paleo 
Soy Free Tau Yew Bak Braised Soy Sauce Pork - Provincial Paleo 
Watercress, Pork and Pear Bone Broth/Soup - Provincial Paleo 

Provincial Paleo's Beef and Plantain Curry

Beef and Plantain Curry - Provincial Paleo 


Cream Stew - Provincial Paleo 



AIP Kofte Bison Kebabs - Enjoying This Journey 
Beef Shwarma - Grazed and Enthused 
AIP Hummus - Grazed and Enthused 


Lebanese Pork Hand Pie - Grazed and Enthused 
Lebanese Chicken with Stuffing - Grazed and Enthused 

Adventures in Partaking's Moroccan Chicken with Cauliflower Cous Cous


Moroccan Spiced Rice - Grazed and Enthused 
Moroccan Chicken with Cauliflower Cous Cous - Adventures in Partaking 


Maple Lime Drumettes - The Paleo Partridge 

Which recipes will you try? 

Looking for more paleo takeout-style recipes? I love the book Paleo Takeout by Russ Crandall - full of paleo recipes to crave your takeaway cravings. Many of the recipes are easily adapted for AIP, too. Also, check out my AIP resources page for the latest AIP-compliant books, ebooks, bloggers and programs.