Pure Taste Paleo Restaurant in London Has AIP Compliant Dishes on The Menu *Squeee!*

So there I was, Tuesday night, on Twitter, when I saw Pure Taste Restaurants - the UK's first dedicated paleo restaurant, based in London - start talking about their menu. And I saw the words "AIP' on it. You can see my sort of double-take reaction...

I'd known about the restaurant for a while, and thought it was fantastic that they were having a completely paleo menu. But I admit that I doubted there would be meals reflecting the harsh restrictions of the autoimmune protocol. But I was wrong. 

I often hear it said that if you're on AIP it's easier just not to eat out at all - seemingly innocent seasonings like black pepper and seeds can be huge triggers for some people. But now, fellow AIP-ers in the UK, you've got something to get stuck into here. 

Pure Taste's AIP-compliant Duck with Spiced Clementine and Cranberry Sauce (image by SPMF Photography)

The Pure Taste website states that their mission is to "change the way people see free-from food – from an uninspiring dietary restriction to a mouth-watering way of eating that leaves you feeling less bloated and more energized." And boy, have they done it. AIP-compliant menu items include rosemary plantain crackers, pan-seared breast of wild mallard duck, with celeriac rosti, sautéed kale, spiced cranberry and clementine sauce - and an organic, 100% grass-fed ribeye steak with salsa verde and vegetable wedges and salad. And there's an AIP-compliant pudding too - a beautiful-sounding lemon posset. This is exciting news, indeed. 

Pure Taste Restaurant at work (Image by SPMF Photography)
Pure Taste include other dietary restrictions - that all fit into the paleo diet - including the Whole 30, Low FODMAP, egg-free, vegan and vegetarian preferences. It's a huge step up from what you'd normally have to settle for when you dine out on AIP: the usual chicken salad (no dressing or seasoning) with a cup of camomile tea for 'pudding'. From what I've seen on their website, Pure Taste are offering thoughtfully constructed, beautiful, professional dishes. It's due to open early December. And I honestly can't wait to go along and try it. 

Pure Taste can be found at 115 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 4UP, Tel: 0207 7275000. It's due to open in early December 2014 - watch out for news and have a look at the menu for yourself at the Pure Taste website