My New E-Book - AIP and Paleo Snacks and Quick Lunches

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The autoimmune protocol is a really restricted diet. It's designed to reduce the symptoms of autoimmune disease, based on the premise that to heal your body, you first have to heal your gut. 

And it works. After more than 20 years on conventional Western medicine for my psoriasis, it's almost gone - and not because of steroid creams - but because of me managing yoga, stress-relief and a healthy diet. Added to this, I'm suddenly (quite accidentally) free of the anxiety, depression and worry that plagued me up until now. I wish I'd found out about it sooner. And it's not just me, lots of other people have found it works, too. 

To start healing on AIP, you go on an elimination diet and then start reintroducing foods to see if you tolerate them. And - in the beginning - it's very restricted. No eggs, dairy, gluten, grains, nuts, seeds, refined sugar... 

Main evening meals and breakfasts are easy: desiccated coconut 'porridge' with coconut milk and berries. Bacon and avocado. Smoothies. Minced meat hash. Stews. Roasts. Fish and seafood. Soups. 

But snacks?

There was a snacking problem for me when I started the AIP. I'd be so good for breakfast, but if I got hungry at 10am I was stumped on what I could eat. Added to this, there were cupboards full of non-AIP treats (that belonged to the rest of my family) waiting for me if I went looking around the kitchen. I was soon tempted by other things - biscuits, cookies, slices of cake. Not good. And when I was being good, I soon got bored of handfuls of leftover chicken and salad. So I started coming up with my own ideas for snacks that were AIP-compliant and wouldn't therefore leave me red and itchy (or worse) the next day. 

Thinking that other people might be experiencing the same, I put all my snacking ideas and recipes into an e-book. There are over 40 recipes and ideas for AIP compliant snacks and quick lunches - those dishes where you want something a bit more substantial than a sweet potato slice and some guacamole. There are ideas for packed lunches, quick nibbles you can put together and eat at the kitchen worktop - also fries, soups and salads - and savoury foods you can serve (or take to) parties. A few of the recipes are from the blog - but there are lots of new ones specially created for the book, too. 

I hope it helps. Let me know what you think!

You can download AIP and Paleo Snacks and Quick Lunches worldwide, from the Amazon Kindle store.  

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