News: I'm a Moderator for The Paleo Mom Community

You may have heard me talking a bit about paleo diets and the autoimmune protocol recently. And that's because of two things. The first is that I have been trying to fix my autoimmune problem through diet - something doctors said was impossible to do. It turns out it is possible, but it's blimmin' hard work and you have to avoid a lot of modern and processed foods to do it. But I'm nearly there. 

And the second reason is that I really believe that comfort food can be enjoyed on any diet - it doesn't matter how restrictive. 

Well. I'm thrilled to announce that I've been asked to be a moderator for the Paleo Mom Community - a forum dedicated to learning about, discussing and providing support on the paleo and AIP diets. 

TPM Community LogoLarge

I'll be on hand (along with the other moderators) to help give advice about the diet and provide support. It's a real honour to take part - and if you're following the AIP or paleo diets then why not head along and start up a conversation. 

Are you following the autoimmune protocol or paleo diet?