Domino's Stuffed Crust Pizza

Just to let you know, this post was written before I started the paleo diet to help ease my psoriasis. Nowadays I eat a more allergy-friendly diet, but leave these older, non-paleo posts up in case they are useful to readers, as I know not everyone eats the same as I do. Thanks for your understanding. 

I bet there are few of us who haven't reached out for the phone, late at night, for a pizza delivery when we're too tired to cook, or need the instant gratification of a doughy pizza heavy with melted cheese.

A little while ago I was contacted by a representative for Domino's pizza, to try out their new stuffed crust range which was launched in June this year. And pizza came high in the list of favourite comfort foods published recently so I agreed to give it a try.

I went online, and ordered a large New York stuffed crust pizza. The stuffed crust is made up of mozzarella cheese with garlic and herbs - and the pizza was topped with mushrooms, ham, pepperoni and bacon on a doughy base. We also ordered some potato wedges and some choc-chip cookies to go with it. The actual online ordering is easy - you can even track your order with a funky little gadget on the website which tells you what's happening to your pizza, from the order being received, to preparation, baking and delivery. The pizza arrived, in around 30 minutes.

But sadly, that's where the fun ended for us. The pizza tasted quite bland - we couldn't actually taste the different toppings very well, everything tasted the same. Even the pepperoni lacked any 'pepperiness' or spice. The bacon wasn't pleasingly crisp but a pale just-cooked pink. But in saying that, the doughy, chewy base was strangely satisfying and although the stuffed crust didn't taste as garlicky or herby as we expected, it added some texture, making it easier for those who normally leave the crusts. I also ordered a batch of four cookies for the girls, two of which we felt we a bit undercooked and wet in the middle. A lady at Domino's told me that their cookies are supposed to be soft and chewy, so maybe it's just a case of personal taste. The wedges were good, and we had a range of sauces to dip them in - barbecue, garlic and herb and sweet chilli.

I told my contact about the experience we'd had, and also filled in the feedback form on the website which stays there on the screen after your order has been delivered. The next day, I was emailed by a lady from Domino's who, not suspecting that I had been reviewing the pizza, expressed disappointment in what had happened and asked me for more information so that they could take this further. To be honest, I didn't expect this. In most fast food companies I imagined that complaints were usually filed in the bin and forgotten. But not here. 

I've been assured that the pizza we tried was a bad experience - a one-off - and that they are usually great. But this was my experience and I'm still left pleasantly surprised. Not by the food particularly, but by the ease of ordering, and the time taken by Domino's to follow up my issues. Visit Domino's website to find out more information and check out their pizza menu

Do you ever buy takeaway pizzas? How do you find Domino's? Have you eaten there before? How was it?   


  1. I quite like Domino's pizzas. Thinking about it, I probably agree that the toppings aren't terribly distinctive but I think the bases are tasty and they are just so easy. Very rarely have them so am quite happy with them for a once in a blue moon. Good that they followed up on your comments.

  2. Thanks for that - yes the doughy base was good and it was great that the stuffed crust gave it some extra texture. I was really surprised that they followed up the way they did, it's changed my perception of them completely! I've been told I'd had a bad experience so on that basis I am tempted to try them again another day - they deliver until 5am, that's practically breakfast! :)

  3. I also got the New Yorker and I really liked it. Our cookies were also way undercooked :(
    Have a look at my review ;)

  4. Hi Helene, I will do! Yeah the lady from Domino's said that they were meant to be soft and chewy, but ours were sort of dripping in the middle! Off to check out your review now. I seem to be in the minority about the pizza, seems it probably was a bad experience after all. Might have to go back...! ;)

  5. never seen a domino's with stuffed crust, cookies or potatoe wedges. woked there 12 the new york stuff crust is pizza hut as far as i know. good luck.

    Hi Anon: yep the New Yorker is definitely on the menu at Dominos, along with cookies and potato wedges and it does have a stuffed crust. Maybe it depends on where you live as to what's available on the menu...


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