Hotel Chocolat Review: Easter Pick Me Up

Just to let you know, this post was written before I started the paleo diet to help ease my psoriasis. Nowadays I eat a more allergy-friendly diet, but leave these older, non-paleo posts up in case they are useful to readers, as I know not everyone eats the same as I do. Thanks for your understanding. 

Picture this. It's Easter Sunday. The kids are running around fuelled by chocolate. The roast dinner's on, the smell wafting through the house. You've just sat down, with a cup of tea and perhaps a little choccy treat of your own. And then the doorbell rings. Unexpected friends have arrived, arms laden with Easter treats for the kids. You have nothing to give them. This is where I think Hotel Chocolat's Easter Pick Me Up would save the day.

The package contains a little tub - Tiddly Pots - filled with little tiny Easter bunnies - which are useful as a little Easter reward for the children doing things like tidying up their room, or would also work really well as toppers for Easter cupcakes. Or you could give the whole tub as a gift.

And then there are the 'caramel egglets'. You get six little decorated chocolate eggs made with 50% milk chocolate, which ooze with slightly salty, buttery tasting caramel. These have a really 'grown up' taste and feel about them - and I think they would be perfect as a little gift, or to share out with coffee (if you're feeling generous!).

The third part to the package is the Doodle Chick - made with 40% milk chocolate, this consists of two thick slabs of good quality, creamy chocolate with the 'Hotel Chocolat' logo embossed on the back. On the front of one of the slabs, along with white chocolate doodles, is a caramel Easter chick. I thought at first that the chick had a caramel centre - but it was much better than that. It's a solid piece of caramel-chocolate which tasted extremely creamy and sweet. I'm not sure really why there isn't an Easter chocolate caramel chick on the other slab in the pack and why it is blank, but there you go. Maybe I'm just greedy!

The Easter Pick Me Up, with its three treats inside is really perfect I think for moments when unexpected people arrive over Easter - share the chocolates with coffee, give as gifts to children (or adults) - and if you don't get any unexpected visitors - well then, you've got them all to yourself, you lucky thing.

For more information, visit the Hotel Chocolat website, or the Facebook page, which is running a 'Name The Easter Baby' competition where you can win a Chocolate hamper worth £75.


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