Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Paleo Family Toolkit Re-Run and FREE STUFF

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Do you remember The Paleo Family Toolkit that ran earlier this year? Did you miss it? 

Ah, don't worry. 

Because it's going on sale again at the end of the month! 

*cue applause*

As you probably know, I've been trying to get my kids (who currently eat 80% paleo) to adopt a healthier lifestyle and go full paleo with me. But it's been so difficult. There have been tantrums when they want lasagne and they don't want it to be made out of sliced zucchinis. Narrowing their eyes at me while I try and get them to drink green smoothies. It's proper hard work. And this is why Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom) has put together this collection of resources to help you. 

You know by now, that I only tell you about products I genuinely love and think you would benefit from - and I have to say that this is an absolute goldmine of information, and great if you're just starting out with paleo or if you've been paleo for a while and you're after some inspiration.

So. What do you get? 
OK. Here's what's included in the Paleo Family Toolkit:
  • 42 ebooks and programs
  • over 50 discount codes
  • 12 video interviews with family-centered experts in the paleo community (including Mark Sisson, Liz Wolfe, Danielle Walker and Rob Wolf)
This toolkit has been created with the family in mind - and it's full of resources to help you transition your family to the paleo lifestyle more easily. 

What Do I Do Next? 
All you have to do is head on over to The Paleo Family Toolkit page for all the details. 

The toolkit's also been updated with a new online platform - so you'll be able to view and stream what you want online and download the resources you need on your devices. With this new platform, you'll get lifetime access to the Toolkit on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

More Great News! 
I created a family-friendly ebook full of Asian-inspired dishes that the whole family will love, especially for this toolkit. It's so important to get our kids interested in food and open their senses to new spices and flavours. I get so annoyed when I hear that kids don't like strongly-flavoured foods. They do! We just need to give them the chance to enjoy them. 

Nice, eh? 

But it's not just all about food. The toolkit includes resources on lifestyle factors like stress management and movement, making it a great all-round resource. 

PLUS, I'm giving TWO FREE recipes to complement the Curry Night ebook that are not published on the blog as a thank you for purchasing through my link below and supporting Comfort Bites Blog. 

A gorgeous AIP Chicken Tikka Masala that's exclusively for readers buying the toolkit through my link - it's not on the blog on in any of my ebooks. And there's also my AIP Red Thai Vegetable Curry from my ebook SPICE


Head on over to The Paleo Family Toolkit to find out more.

Did you purchase the toolkit? What were your favourite resources? 

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