Friday, 28 March 2014

New Egg-Boiling Gadget

Everyone loves dippy egg and soldiers. Don't we? 

I had to tell you about a new product I've discovered. It's an egg-boiling gadget called an Eiko Egg Cup Boiler. 


Looks good, doesn't it? 

It seems to tick all the boxes for making - and eating - perfect boiled eggs. The plastic cup fits over the top of the pan you're boiling your eggs in, so the eggs don't bob about in the bubbles while the water is simmering, and accidentally crack. They have a different colour, so you can remember who's egg is which and take them out of the water according to how runny you need them. And you can get colour-coded spoons, too, to go with them. 

The only problem, it seems, is if you are cooking your eggs on a gas stove. (They're only recommended for electric hobs). 

Find out more at Cuckooland - the Eiko Egg Cup Boiler is available in a pack of four for £12. the spoons are available in a pack of four for £6. 

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