Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Perfect Student Curry - and It Contains Chocolate...

Two teenagers - Dominic Stephens and Bella Elwes, from Sherborne in Dorset - have come up with a curry that they say appeals to teenagers. And it contains chocolate. 

Spices of India and local chef Brett Sutton from the Eastbury Hotel helped develop the curry, which also contains lamb, tomatoes and some of the more usual Indian spices such as turmeric, cumin and cloves. 

But chocolate? 

Ultimate teenage curry 12
The Chakra Curry - contains chocolate

'We've called this curry the 'Chakra Curry' because it represents Colds, Happiness, Acne, Kissing, Revision and Asthma,' says Dominic. Bella said that despite some initial reservations about the curry containing chocolate, they've had a 'positive response' from taste-tests with friends. 

Ultimate teenage curry 4
Dominic and Bella, who created the Chakra Curry
Not as bonkers as it sounds....
I haven't tried the curry but there's a lot to be said for adding chocolate to savoury foods - I made an onion tart with cocoa, after all. Chocolate can be quite a savoury ingredient - it's bitter, has a rounded, mellow flavour and when it melts, it adds colour. The only reason we think of it as sweet is because it's blended with milk and lots of sugar to make our most-loved (and sweet) chocolate bars. Choc-chip jalfrezi, anyone? 

What do you think? Do you add chocolate to your savoury recipes? If you want to make the curry yourself, you can try it here

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