Saturday, 30 November 2013

Comfort Bites Comfort Food Challenge #2: CHRISTMAS

For this month's comfort food challenge, I want to hear all about your favourite Christmas foods. And not just foods, but your family customs and traditions, too, if you want to share them. 

Perhaps you cook a Christmas meal that your family has always done, and now it feels like tradition. Or maybe you cook a special recipe each year that reminds you of Christmas as a child, or a special loved one. Do you have a favourite Christmas recipe that just gets you in the festive mood? Then do share it. 

Remember, I really want to hear about why your dishes and traditions are comforting to you.


The Rules:
The same as last month, here they are: 
  • Please blog about Christmas - it can be anything - a childhood memory of foods you used to eat at this time of year, a favourite recipe that just gets you feeling festive or a food tradition shared by your family at Christmas. Please mention the challenge in your post. 
  • Email me with the link to the post, your name, and an image that I can use in the roundup, where I'll also link back to you. Your blog post must link back to this page and include the event badge (above).
  • All entries must be received by 30th December 2013.
  • You can re-blog an old recipe if you like, but please ensure that you include the badge and links as above in your new post, and please mention the challenge as above.
  • Please don't copy and paste recipes from cookbooks or elsewhere on the internet to enter - recipes must be your own. Please abide by copyright laws. 
I'm excited to find out all about your Christmas memories, traditions and favourite recipes! My entry will be on its way soon… 

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