Monday, 21 October 2013

Feed the Beast Pop-Up Cake Shop Opens This Week

If you're familiar with gruesome cakes, you'll probably be aware of Miss Cakehead and the amazing Eat Your Heart Out pop-up cake shops that she organises. Last year we had the anatomically correct exhibition which featured fungus-infected toenail cookies, cakes showing the cell structure of STDs and vodka jelly in petri dishes. We've also had The Depressed Cake Shop, which helped raised awareness of mental illness, and featured 'Black Dog' macarons and 'Misfortune' cookies. Well, this week, another one opens: Feed The Beast. 

Miss Cakehead - Feed the Beast 2013
Miss Cakehead with the Kraken Mouth Cake
The event is supported by Kraken Rum and will be held at the Rag Factory just off London's Brick Lane between 25th-27th October from 11.30am-6.30pm (over-18's only). You'll see the (now famous) interactive maggot extraction cupcakes - complete with mango-flavoured 'maggots' which are removed before the cakes are eaten. 

Maggot Extraction Cupcakes - Twisted Fondant - Feed the Beast 2013
Maggot Extraction Cupcakes by Twisted Fondant

Tentacle Cake by Conjurer's Kitchen
There's also a Kraken mouth cake, created by Heartache Cakes, with 100 individual hand-made chocolate teeth, as well as lots of other beast-themed cakes created by industry experts, as well as 'wounded hands' liqueur chocolates.

Kraken Mouth - Heartache Cakes Feed the Beast
Kraken Mouth Cake by Heartache Cakes

They'll also be a variety of rum cocktails available, and you can watch a video of the Kraken Rum Edible Autopsy while you're there, too. 

For more details check out the Feed the Beast website, follow @Miss_Cakehead on Twitter  or on Facebook

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