Thursday, 13 June 2013

Father's Day Foodie Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Father's Day, and if you haven't yet got a present organised for a food-loving Dad, then don't panic. How about some of these? 

Father's Day Chocolates

ale and chocolate fudge asda june 2013

You can't really go wrong with choccy, can you? There are all sorts of chocolates available that appeal to Dads - Yorkie turned themselves into a 'male' brand through their adverts and Toblerone has been a Dad's favourite since forever (even if the pyramid bits do poke up into your cheek). Other chocolates to consider for Father's Day include chocolate and chilli (or chocolate and wasabi) combinations, or go for these very cool and very tasty chocolate and ale fudge squares from Asda. They're sweet, crumbly and have a lingering ale flavour. We love them. 

Pork Pies
adamsharlow pork pie
Photo: Adams and Harlow
I remember my Dad loved a wedge (or three) of pork pie slathered with a bright yellow streak of English mustard, and he's not alone. When I lived in Melton Mowbray I used to love Dickinson and Morris pork pies from their shop in the town centre; the pies all gnarly and piled up high in the chiller cabinet. And this year Adams and Harlow are offering a special pork pie for Dads - topped with either 'Dad' or 'Pops' in pastry. To buy online, check out British Fine Foods or try Fortnum and Mason. The pies take two days to make, and have to go through 16 steps before they enter the oven. 

Special Ale
If Dad loves ale, then there are lots of different varieties to choose from. Ale making is approached by many as a fine art, and just like we would taste different wines, looking for their 'vanilla' and 'berry' tones, ale is analysed in the same way. Some have espresso flavours, others are fruity. Choose from an ale brewed just like they would have done in Medieval England, or something more modern, with undertones of fudge, toffee or lemon. Sounds delicious. Check out this Independent article for inspiration.  


steak taste test5

You know Father's Day's coming up when your local butcher puts up a chalkboard outside his shop scrawled with bargains on steaks. At a pub or restaurant you might pay ten or fifteen quid each for a steak and a side of chips. At the butchers you'll pay a tenner, which will get you a couple of good steaks you can pan-fry at home. Thick, claggy sauces (think Steak Diane) is now a bit retro so consider topping your steak with a pungent chimichurri salsa or a slice of tarragon butter instead. 

Afternooon Tea
It was once the domain of pretty, floral china and lacy white doilies, but Father's Day afternoon tea seems to be a new trend I've seen more of this year than in previous years. Check out hotels and restaurants near you to see if they're offering anything similar. The London Kitchen in Lambeth have launched a range of 'Manap├ęs' this year - manly-sized canap├ęs which include fish and chips in mini cones, mini burgers and beefy Yorkshire puddings. And the Fourteas Tearoom at the Spiced Pear in Hepworth, Yorkshire are offering a 'Gentlemen's Afternoon Tea' which includes home-made bread and dripping, mini Yorkshire puddings and roast beef pork pie. 

Other ideas:
Your budget might not stretch to a hand-massaged fillet of wagyu beef or a £600 bottle of beer but there are other things you can surprise your Dad with to let him know he's special to you. How about a grilled breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg, beans and a couple of hash browns? And if he's vegetarian, just make him a version with a Glamorgan sausage instead of the pork one and baby spinach leaves fried gently in butter instead of the bacon. Chuck in a few sliced chestnut mushrooms too and you're sorted. 

Or, make him a cake - chocolate flavours are good, or go for something retro like sticky toffee pudding or a steamed lemon pud. Get the children to help you out in the kitchen and they can add the sprinkles on top. Get the kids to make him a card too rather than buy one and instead of taking him out for a roast dinner cook his favourite meal at home. 

Do you have any plans for Father's Day? 

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