Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Sneak Peek at Hotel Chocolat's Halloween Range

Although they do cater for kids, I always associate Hotel Chocolat with grown-up chocolate. And at Halloween, why should kids have all the fun? The luxury chocolate retailer has come up with some classy, gothic-style chocolates for Halloween and when I saw them, I couldn't wait to share them with you.

The first is a limited edition Dead Gorgous coffin, with a laughing skull design and trimmed in black satin for a luxurious touch. The coffin comes with 28 chocolates finished in 24 carat edible gold. They're only making 190 of these so if you want one you'll have to get in quick, although if you do it'll cost you £50.

They're also launching other chocolate treats including a chocolate skull decorated with gold leaf (£50), Horrif-Eyes (£6.50) and a Boo! Box - a box of various Halloween figures cast in dark chocolate (£8). Also look out for the Crystal Skull - a chocolate skull with cherry crystals (priced at £2.50).

They've even got a Count Chocula figure for the kids (although, thinking about it, who said it had to be for the kids? *winks*)...

The chocolates are all luxurious, creative and as Hotel Chocolat say, they do convey a sense of 'horror-chic'. But do you ever turn to them for trick or treaters? Or do you rely on the cheaper supermarket 'bag of chocolate eyeballs'? I'd buy the Count Chocula for my nephew perhaps, but probably not for the hoards of kids that arrive at my door continously on Halloween night. I'd be more likely to just bolt the door and snuggle down with a box all to myself.

Do you ever buy Hotel Chocolat products for Halloween, or do you tend to rely on budget chocolate for when trick or treaters arrive at your door? And would you fork out £50 for a gold-leaf covered chocolate skull? Let me know in the comments section below....

The chocolates can be purchased from Hotel Chocolat stores and online from 17th September 2012.

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