Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Walkers Launch New Deep Ridged Crisps

I was contacted by Walkers recently, who asked if I wanted to be one of the first people to try their new range of Deep Ridged crisps. These crisps have much deeper ridges than other 'crinkly' style crisps - actually twice as deep. 

A sneaky peek at the Deep-Ridged crisps in the bag... mmmmmm flame-grilled steak...

I got to try the flame-grilled steak flavour, salt and malt vinegar flavour and cheese and onion flavour. My favourite, out of all of them, was the flame-grilled steak, which was especially beefy and smoky. The mature cheddar and onion crisps were big on flavour and had little green speckles. And the salt and malt vinegar flavour had that real deep malt vinegar taste without being so sharp that - as my mother says - "it makes your mouth curl up". I'm not normally a huge salt and vinegar crisp fan, but I'd have a bag of these any day. 

The Range: Salt and Malt Vinegar, Flame Grilled Steak and Cheese and Onion

One of the main differences with these crisps and the other crinkle-type kinds of crisp is that you often find they're much thicker. Not these. They're still fairly thin - thicker than your normal Walker's crisp of course - but they do still have a lot of crisp crunch.

See that? Epic satisfaction...

In short, I loved them. And they do taste like they're a really good quality crisp. For more information, visit the Walker's website or follow on Facebook. 

Check out those ridges...

Have you tried these new Deep Ridged Walkers crisps? What did you think?

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