Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Elizabeth Shaw's New Range of Chocolates

Chocolate company Elizabeth Shaw contacted me to let me know about their new range of chocolates and asked if I would like to try them. As a (frequent) Elizabeth Shaw fan, I couldn't refuse. I always loved the dark chocolate of the original mint flavour and that sweet menthol crunch when you bite into them.

And so far, we've not particularly been spoiled with a huge range of flavours from Elizabeth Shaw - I always seem to remember the mint and the orange chocolates the most. But that's all changed.

The chocolates in the new range include:

Chocolate Flutes

Top left: dark chocolate and orange; top right: white chocolate latte; bottom left: dark chocolate and mint; bottom right: milk chocolate and Amaretto. Bet you won't eat just one.

These come in the following flavours: milk chocolate and Amaretto, white chocolate latte, dark chocolate mint and dark chocolate orange. They're not crunchy, but consist of a thin straw of chocolate filled with their respective flavours. The dark chocolate mint flavour was sweet and refreshing - perfect for tucking into after a meal. The orange in the dark orange wasn't overpowering at all but just the right balance against the sweet chocolate. My favourites were the white chocolate latte and the Amaretto - with the Amaretto you bite in to the spindly stick and get an instant boost of marzipan-almond flavour. As well as schnaffling them from the box, you could also balance one on top of a fancy dessert, if you were feeling quite cheffy.

Chocolate bars

Elizabeth Shaw's milk chocolate butterscotch crisp.... can you see the crunchy honeycomb bits?

These are 100g bars of chocolate that give a little crunch as you bite into them. I tried the dark chocolate cocoa crunch (with cocoa nibs), milk chocolate butterscotch crisp (with pieces of honeycomb crisp), and dark chocolate mint crunch (also with honeycomb crisp). Great for sharing (aherm...) with someone while watching a film. Not overly sweet and the crispness means it feels less rich.

The Peppermint Selection

A quite posh box of chocolates including a selection of the mint chocolates in the range. There are mint creams, mint flutes, milk mint Neapolitan, dark mint Neapolitan, milk mint crisp and dark mint crisp. A good idea if you like mint chocolates but get bored after a while of the same type. Here, you've got soft, crunchy, silky and creamy. All in one box. Which can't be bad. They're very well presented too, so they'd be perfect as a gift.

Coin-shaped chocolates

Butterscotch crisp... go on, you would, wouldn't you?

When I think of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates, I think of these. Little thick foil-wrapped discs of crunchy chocolate. I tried the butterscotch crisp and the mint crisp. You can also buy them in a tall 250g box, that has a selection of these chocolates, including caramel, butterscotch, cocoa and honeycomb.

I've always thought of Elizabeth Shaw as manufacturers of mint-chocolates and had no idea you could buy these flavours or the different styles of chocolate. If you see any of them in the shops, give them a try.

Do you like Elizabeth Shaw chocolates? Have you tried any of these shown here? Which are your favourites?

For more about these chocolates, and the others in the range, visit the Elizabeth Shaw website.

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