Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: Domino's New Mexicana Stuffed Crust Pizza

You'll remember that I didn't have the best experience with Domino's, when I was asked to try out their stuffed crust pizza back in September last year. And so when my 7-year old asked if we could order a pizza one lunchtime as a summer holiday treat I was reluctant. But I caved in, and decided to order the new Mexicana stuffed crust pizza that Dominos have just brought out. I was also interested to find out if anything had changed since I complained to the store last time about a lukewarm, chewy, tasted-of-nothing-in-particular pizza. And, to my surprise, it had.

My veggie Mexicana was piping hot and the crust was packed full of cheese, which actually tasted mildly of garlic and had little pieces of red and green chillies tucked in there. The pizza itself was heaving with the vegetable toppings - just the way I like them; lightly charred in the oven, but still crunchy and juicy. Check out the pic below... I think I even got more topping on my pizza than it's showed in the ad, which is a first.

What I didn't have, was the sour cream topping. I unchecked it from the list as the thought of sour cream on a pizza kind of put me off. I did get a little tub of garlic and herb dip with it, which was great as the pizza cooled down and the crusts became a little drier and chewier, to dip into.  But I really enjoyed eating it. The veggies - red and green chillies, green peppers, fresh tomato, spinach and sweetcorn - were tasty and moist and to be honest, for a pizza called a 'Mexicana' I did expect a little more heat. But most of that was in the chilli-flecked crust.

I was glad that my confidence in Domino's has been restored - perhaps as the customer service lady said last time, I'd had a bad experience. But, from this one, I would buy the Mexicana again. I'd just have a bottle of hot sauce handy next time.

Have you tried the new Mexicana from Domino's? What did you think? 

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