Monday, 28 May 2012

Tesco's Limited Edition London Sandwiches

When I went to my local Tesco supermarket in search of mince pie flavoured crisps last Christmas, I called over a shop assistant to help me find them. He, in turn, called over the store manager, who didn't know anything about the crisps. But he did puff out his chest a little, stand up straight and say to me, "Tesco are very well-known for our unusual sandwiches, so if it's weird sandwiches you need, we're always at the forefront of that."

It's true, Tesco were the pioneers of sandwiches such as the lasagne sandwich (yes, it contained pasta as well) the strawberries and cream sandwich and the banana and chocolate sandwich. And, just in time to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, they've come up with a range of sandwiches inspired by the city of London.
West Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Photo: Tesco
Red Leicester Square Sandwich. Photo: Tesco

The sandwiches, which include Red Leicester Square sandwich, West Ham and Cheese Roll and Ham and Piccalilli Circus sandwich all come in eye-catching boxes, made to look like black London taxis, Red buses and an old-fashioned red telephone box. Except I couldn't help but feel that they could have pushed the boat out a bit more, considering their earlier exploits. There's nothing really unusual about the sandwiches themselves, just the marketing and their London-themed names; although in the Egg Hollandaise Park sandwich, hollandaise sauce replaces the usual mayonnaise.
Egg Hollandaise Park Sandwich. Photo: Tesco

It would have been great to see Tesco coming up with a new, updated Coronation chicken recipe or using regional British ingredients like Lancashire cheese, for example. Or, maybe a complete roast beef dinner sandwich complete with Yorkshire pudding* - I mean, if they can make a pasta sandwich...
Ham and Picalilli Circus Sandwich. Photo: Tesco

The Tesco range of London sandwiches are a limited edition, and will be available from the 28th May 2012, priced at £1.70 per pack.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Now they've set the bar, do we expect more from the third largest retailer in the world?

*ETA: Thank you to the reader below who told me that Tesco HAVE actually released a Yorkshire pudding and roast beef sandwich: - This was the first filling that popped into my head while I was writing the post and I didn't check *slaps wrist* - and that's great from Tesco - but I still think they could have been a bit more adventurous with these London sandwiches; showcasing local produce, for example or real London favourites. Jellied eels anyone?  


  1. Great packaging but I agree with you . . . a bit poor on the imagination front. Having said that, I think the lasagne sandwich was one whose time has not yet come!

    1. haha! Fair play to them for trying to do something different, but they could have done so much more with it!

  2. They do, do a roast beef sandwich, the'bread' is yorkshire pudding and his has potato in it too.

    1. 'it' not 'his'

    2. So they do! Thanks for that, didn't realise - it was the first thing that came off the top of my head: Here it is:

      Thanks for that! :)