Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Research Company MMR Find the Perfect Way to Enjoy Coffee

Think you know how to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee? Here's a clue: sitting down, tucked away at a tiny (probably wobbly) corner table strewn with sachets of milk and sugar isn't it. Oxfordshire-based consumer research company MMR have conducted some research into the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee, and the results are fairly surprising, if not also quite specific.

As part of their investigations, MMR asked coffee lovers about vision, odour, touch and sound and how they can be brought together to create the ultimate coffee-drinking experience.

MMR concluded that "sitting at home on a quality leather chair, listening to the silky tones of saxophone-based jazz, surrounded by the deep colour purple, with the coffee in a porcelain mug, accompanied by a slice of Victoria sponge cake was found to be the ideal situation for enjoying the blend."

Seeing as most of us enjoy a quick coffee on the go in a paper cup or we're squeezed into a bustling coffee shop it goes to show that we could be missing out on the whole coffee 'experience'.

This research has recently been used by Carte Noire to create The Silk Rooms, which they say, is the world's first Wholebean Instant coffee tasting experience, accounting for flavour, texture, aroma and sounds. Check it out, in the video below:

Do you think it makes a difference how we drink our coffee? Does it really matter what we see, smell or touch when we're eating or drinking?


  1. That's an impressively detailed list of requirements for the ideal cup of coffee! I'm not sure about the Victoria sponge though - somehow biscuits always seem more appropriate than cake.

    1. Yes, I agree with that - if I have a slice of Victoria Sponge I'd always choose a strong cup of tea to go with it and prefer biscuits with my coffee like you! Strange...