Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Random Recipe Challenge: Heart Shaped Cookies

This month's Random Recipe challange from Dom at Belleau Kitchen is baking. Now I don't have many baking books (about 4) so I piled them up, closed my eyes and prodded my finger onto a random book. I then flicked through and landed at these: Valentine's Day Cookies.
Cuppa, anyone?

I think I was given the Colossal Cookie Cookbook one birthday, years ago - and at first I made loads of recipes from it. But for some reason I've let it now fall by the wayside. Having rediscovered it for this challenge though, I can't stop flicking through - it's given me so many new ideas.

But first, I had to make the heart cookies. It looked a bit daunting at first, wondering how they get that two-tone effect - and then I realised it's just done by cutting a smaller heart from the middle of a larger one and pressing it into the centre of a different coloured heart. Easy, really.

Check out how flaky these cookies are - yum!

And they were great. I made them at about 7pm when the girls were starting to get ready for bed. They were done in a matter of minutes - the longest part was chilling the dough (30 minutes), which I didn't really have anything to do with. You roll them out, cut out the hearts and then rearrange the colours for the effect. A quick sprinkling of sugar and then they're baked for 15 minutes. Great stuff.

And they were flaky, buttery and crumbly. Next time I'd probably add some vanilla for a different flavour but they were great as they are. I'm going to remember this technique for stars at Christmas as well as heart biscuits for Valentine's Day. Watch this space!