Monday, 5 March 2012

One Blogger Event and Simon Rimmer's Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Pepper Chutney

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to attend a cooking event with Simon Rimmer, to promote the One brand of products. Unfortunately (as is so often at the moment) I had family commitments and couldn't go along. But the lovely people at One did send me a goodie bag of products and recipes from the day, to cheer me up.

The One brand includes products such as bread, eggs, porridge, water and handwash - all every day, basic items. What's special about the brand is that these items are sold at the big supermarkets, but they help fund humanitarian aid projects across rural communities in Africa. So you're buying them for a really worthwhile cause.

Simon Rimmer had devised a number of recipes especially for the One Brand and I was sent copies of them to try out at home. There were recipes for Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Pepper Chutney, Earl Grey Tea Bread and Butter Pudd with Toffee Sauce, and Lamb Tikka with Curried Cauliflower Pancakes. With a love of chorizo and scotch eggs and a pack of 6 One eggs to get me started, I opted, naturally, for the Chorizo Scotch Eggs.

I whizzed up the white loaf I'd been sent to make breadcrumbs for the coating, which is also mixed with polenta to add a dusty crunch.

The scotch eggs were really tasty, and simple to make; there was just a little bit of scary deep-frying but that was only for 4 minutes. The red pepper chutney is sweet, and has just a little hum from the chilli that goes into it, too. The scotch eggs probably took about 20 minutes from start to finish and the chutney took about 15 minutes - an amazing dish for such a quick recipe. The scotch eggs and chutney worked so well together, I've already been asked to make it again. The leftover scotch egg was quickly turned into a gorgeous sandwich with the leftover chutney for lunch the next day too - lovely!

The recipes are up on the One website if you want to have a go at them yourself. And do check out the One Brand next time you're doing your shopping. For more details, the One Brand can be followed on Twitter @onedifference or on Facebook at .


  1. The scotch eggs look great - I like the gooey centres!

  2. Hi Katie - It was great because they didn't come out overcooked - I was dreading cutting them in case they had that little grey circle in the middle and they didn't. I've been trying a few of Simon Rimmmer's recipes lately and they've all come out fantastic :)