Monday, 6 February 2012

Pizza Con Palmitos (Pizza with Palm Hearts)

My husband is from Argentina but he's lived and worked in the UK for the last 12 years. So he always gets excited when he discovers something over here that he used to eat over there. And one day, while pushing a shopping trolley around our local Sainsbury's, he found one. Palm hearts, or 'Hearts of Palm', if you're being exact, are the pale stalks from the middle of a palm tree.

He told me, as he dropped a tin of them into our trolley, that in Argentina they are most commonly eaten on pizzas, or in salads. He said they're also eaten quite a lot with fish and seafood and slathered with mayonnaise or Marie Rose sauce. So for dinner that night, we decided to try them on a pizza.

They have an unusual texture (I wish I'd taken a picture to show you but he made off with the tin and wolfed them all down before I could). Kind of a bit like a cheese-string, you can 'peel' the soft cylinders into strips. They have a mild asparagus taste to them, and are very soft and wobbly. You can cut them into coins, pull them into strips and toss them into salads. When I read the tin and mentioned they can also be eaten hot in pasta dishes, he pulled a face. So I'll have to buy another tin to try that one, then.

Have you tried Hearts of Palm? Did you like them, and how did you eat them?