Friday, 2 December 2011

Muddy Boots Christmas Burger - Camembert and Cranberry

I was doing some research on some of the more unusual Christmas foods out at the moment, and I stumbled upon these limited edition hand-made beef burgers, flavoured with pieces of camembert and dried cranberries.

They're created by Roland and Miranda of Muddy Boots Foods in Worcestershire, and made from top cuts of grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef. The burgers are so incredibly juicy and full of flavour, and as you bite you taste the sweet cranberries and then the creamy chunks of camembert cheese. It definitely tastes Christmassy, and we all loved it, served simply in a floury bap with some lettuce and tomato. I couldn't help it and spooned in a blob of home-made garlic mayonnaise, too. Delish!

What I also loved about these burgers is that they come individually vacuum-packed, which keeps them fresh, and also helps if you need to freeze them as you can tuck them individually into spaces in the freezer without having to get them out and individually wrap them yourself. The burgers are also gluten and wheat free - and they don't contain any artificial additives or preservatives.

I had a friend, years ago, who always used to have his family around for a New Year's Eve barbecue. We'd all stand around the barbecue for warmth, nibbling on hot chargrilled burgers straight from the rack. For this  kind of thing, these burgers would be perfect.

For more information on these tasty burgers, and the other burgers in their range, visit the Muddy Boots website.

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