Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tesco: Mince Pie Flavoured Crisps

This month sees the launch of the Mince Pie Flavoured Crisp, by Tesco. They boast that it's the UK's first sweet crisp, and it will be launched this winter as part of their Finest range.

The idea was inspired by Michelin-starred Dutch chef Hans Van Wolde, who developed Vanilla Salt flavoured crisps for sale in Holland.

But what do they taste like? Tesco say that, "once cooked, the crisps are seasoned with the rich and sweet flavours of warm mulled spices, dried fruit and all-butter pastry and gently tumbled together to ensure every crisp is packed with as much taste as possible. The result? A wonderfully crunchy crisp, packed with naturally festive flavours."

They add that the crisps are made from potatoes grown in Hampshire and Cornwall, and the crisps contain no artificial flavours, colours or MSG.

The crisps will be on sale at Tesco stores around mid-November.

What do you think? Do you fancy a mince pie flavoured crisp as a party nibble? Or do you think they've gone mad?


  1. i want to try these

  2. Seeing as I am wheat intolerant, perhaps this will be an alternative. Will give them a try, but I still think it's wacky.

  3. Reminds me of a Two Ronnies sketch (ice cream parlour)

  4. why cant i find these in northampton

  5. I am in love with crisps. They're my favourite food.

    There has never been a crisp I don't like.

    Until I tried these. They are absolutely VILE.