Saturday, 26 November 2011

Onions and Crying

Onions. They're in just about every savoury recipe I have and so you'd think I'd be used to them, but as soon as I've pierced through that rusty, papery skin my eyes start to water and I end up rocking an Alice Cooper/melted mascara look.

I've tried everything. Cutting them in water, holding my breath, squinting (not advisable with a sharp knife in your hand) and standing as far away as I can from the chopping board while I cut. I've even tried Jamie Oliver's way of trying to keep the root intact  until the last minute and positioning the cut halves white-side down on the board, which they reckon reduces tear-jerking. Except it doesn't, at least with me. I've even started chopping them in a processor, but as soon as I lift the lid and the kitchen's full of that pungent smell, I'm off again.

Which is why I am reaching out to you lovely readers... how on earth do you cut onions without crying? Let me know on the Facebook page, Twitter or in the comments below!