Friday, 4 November 2011

Cinnamon and Apple Rolls

When I worked in an office, I had one morning ritual. I used to pick up a coffee from Starbucks and stop in at Tesco to buy a couple of cinnamon buns. I'd make my way to my desk and sit, at 8·30 every morning, catching up with emails while nibbling on my cinnamon bun and slurping coffee. I grew to love these spiced, warm little pastries and when I left work I stopped eating them. But I never stopped craving them. Which is why, when reading the Do Not Feed The Animals blog on a sleepless early morning it took all my willpower to not raid my cupboards and start some 5am baking when I saw these.

The recipe can be found on the Things We Make blog, and it's really easy to follow. I'd always assumed making buns would be tricky or time consuming but it wasn't at all. You just find jobs to do in between the provings and baking. When I rolled out my dough and spread with the butter (an alarming amount it seems when you're doing it, but just go with it) I also scattered over some grated Bramley apple. If I was doing this again I would grate two, to make it a bit more appley. And I left out the dried fruit, because no one much likes it here.

Once you've rolled it up into a swiss roll shape and tucked the individual little swirls (my mixture made 13) into a tin, you leave it to prove again. You can actually see the fizzing and popping of the yeast getting to work on the little beauties.
After baking I drizzled over the cinnamon icing, which was absolutely gorgeous. While they were still warm, we tucked in and there was only one question that interrupted the silence: "Can we have another one?"