Monday, 31 October 2011

Hotel Chocolat's Rather Large Cracker for Christmas

So this week I have mostly been eating chocolate... from this cracker. When I saw that Hotel Chocolat had brought out a 'Rather Large Cracker' packed full of chocolates for their Christmas range, I imagined it would be on the large side. But I didn't expect it to be this big. I even took a photo of my three-year old holding it (bless her, she can't believe her luck!) to show you the actual size of it:

Everything about this cracker exudes quality, from the finishing of the cracker itself with gold branded ribbon, to the chocolates inside, which are wrapped in pairs and labelled according to the type of chocolate and whether they're alcoholic or not, which is really handy when you've got lots of family round.

The 40 chocolates come in different flavours, some old favourites like salted caramels (who can't resist a few of those?) and some Christmassy flavours such as gingerbread, mullled wine, star anise and cinnamon. Some are shaped into elegant domes and squares while others are festive shaped, check out the bell below:

And to let you in on a few of our favourites:
  • Christmas Mess - one of the best, and sadly there were only two of them (!) - a strawberry-flavoured chocolate with tiny pieces of dried strawberry
  • Champagne Truffle - boozy liqueur chocolate with a creamy centre, with a warmth from the alcohol
  • Gingerbread Truffles - beautiful chocolates with a warm, cosy and treacly gingerbread flavour
  • Rhubarb - a sweet rhubarb-flavoured soft centered chocolate, definitely a favourite

As if all this wasn't enough, the cracker also comes with 12 jokes and gold party hats. A really great gift for Christmas, or a party piece to bring out after dinner for people to share over a game of Cluedo. Just don't expect the game to get that much attention.

Keep updated with Hotel Chocolat on Facebook or on Twitter @HotelChocolat. To have a look at other luxury crackers from Hotel Chocolat click here and for their full range of Christmas gifts visit their website. 


  1. Hotel Chocolat does have some fine quality chocolate and they always seem to deliver on the packaging side as well :)

  2. Yes chocolate from them always feel like a real treat, doesn't it? :)