Thursday, 16 June 2011

Good Food Show Summer at the NEC, Birmingham 15th June 2011

The Masterchef Kitchen, Good Food Summer, NEC Birmingham

Yesterday I went to the Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I saw James Martin, Glynn Purnell and Suzy Atkins on stage at Saturday Kitchen Live, I tasted strawberry ice cream that had cabbage in it (you'd never know!) and I bought a chocolate pizza, made from... well, solid chocolate.

Here is a run down of some of the best bits of my day at the Good Food Show.

Baileys and Honeycomb Fudge

I can't remember which stand I got this from (suggestions please, if you were there!) but all I remember is that there were chunky piles of fudge, in all different flavours. I went for the Baileys and Honeycomb and had a sneaky nibble on the train home.

Supreme Sausages - Pork, Venison and Mushroom
As I wandered round, I saw a lady cooking batches of thick, dark sausages. It was the Supreme Sausages stand, and flavours included Toulouse, Wild Boar and Apple and Pork, Tomatoes and Black Pepper. I bought a pack of the Pork, Venison and Mushroom sausages to have for dinner. We loved them. Something we found about really good quality sausages is that the skin can be a bit too tough, but these weren't tough at all. They crispened up nicely in the oven and were really dense and meaty. They also didn't shrink after cooking and weren't swimming in liquid like some of the other sausages I've tried. They had quite a strong flavour, obviously from the venison and had the look of real, old-fashioned sausages - the kind that dogs run away with in cartoons and comic strips.

Meaty 'Supreme' sausages

The Chocolate Pizza

When I saw signs for the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company, as I wandered over I imagined some kind of doughy base, with a chocolate topping strewn with all sorts of gooey stuff. But these were basically 'pizzas' made from solid chocolate. They came in pizza-style boxes and also slices. I bagged a slice of the 'gone nuts' chocolate pizza. A nice unusual idea for a gift, I reckon.

The Saturday Kitchen Live
As expected, this was great. James Martin was joined on stage by chef Glynn Purnell and wine expert Suzy Atkins, and actor Neil Stuke shared his food heaven (lobster) and food hell (lamb) - heaven won, luckily for Neil. The audience eagerly raised their hands when asked who wanted to join them on stage in the coveted dining seats, and shrank back into their chairs when James asked someone to do the omelette challenge with Glynn. One lady just in front of me was brave enough to do it and went away with a signed cardboard frying pan momento with her omelette time written on (as well as a few props from the stage, courtesy of James).

Glynn made a salad with roasted scallops, asparagus and cockles with a mint dressing - he said he felt that the menthol taste of the mint made a fish dish taste 'cleaner', so that you can taste more of the fish. 

Then James made a lobster dish, with a sauce made from butter and cream. Suzy gave lots of wine tips, Spanish white wines are big this summer, apparently. 

And so that was it! There was so much to see - I did also get a glimpse of the Masterchef Kitchen presented by Andi Peters, and Rachel Allen took to the stage after Saturday Kitchen. It was a great day out, it's on for a few more days so if you're going, have a great time. If not, the BBC Good Food Show Winter will be on in London in November.


  1. I like that minty fish tip.
    My Mum and I were supposed to be going this weekend but I have a family wedding to go to so will have to wait for next year.
    Like the sound of the sausages - I love trying new, good sausages.

  2. There're doing one in London in November if you can't wait until next year - but it was a good day out, definitely. I'm a bit intrigued about the mint & fish thing, so I'll be trying it out soon. And I'm with you on the sausages, there are so many bad ones out there that it's such a relief when you find a good one!