Saturday, 5 March 2011

Book Review: Grilled Cheese Please! by Laura Werlin

Who doesn’t love a bit of grilled cheese? From quick snacks to late-night nibbling, cheese is the ultimate protein-rich, comforting fast food.

“Grilled Cheese Please” is all about enjoying the grilled cheese sandwich and being creative with it, adding different ingredients and experimenting with different cheeses. This book pushes the boundaries of the grilled cheese sandwich and helps you take it to another level.

Expert Advice
According to the publishers Laura Werlin is an award-winning cheese expert and she shares her advice with us. From recommendations for the bread for the sandwich to cooking techniques, it’s all here. She also analyses the different melting qualities of cheese. Do you want an oozy, dripping Brie or a firm, nutty Parmesan? This book will help you make the right choices for your tastes, taking the humble grilled cheese sandwich and turning it into a science.

After reading this book, there is no reason why you would ever grill a solitary slab of cheese in-between two slices of white bread again. There is plenty to inspire – from the Crab Swiss Melt with Asparagus sandwich to the Smoky Kim-Cheese, inspired by the tastes of Korea.

There are recipes to suit foodies, too – with the addition of flavoured butters - hazelnut or orange - and aromatic vegetables such as fennel. Fruit is also introduced – try cheese with cherries or dip a wedge of Monte Cristo into strawberry jam.
The book caters for vegetarians as well as meat-lovers and takes inspiration from around the world as well as exploring America’s regional recipes. The “Grilled Cheese on the Go” section highlights grilled cheese recipes from restaurants around the US and there is a section at the back of the book which recommends restaurants serving up grilled cheese treats from Arkansas to Washington.

Accompaniments and sides are also explored in the book, featuring dips, pickles, chutneys and jams that will compliment your favourite sandwiches.

The book is full of colourful, vibrant, detailed photography – find innocent creamy pale ribbons of soft, grated cheese – flick a few pages and then find an oozing smoky brie and ham croissant. Not every recipe has an accompanying photograph however, but the instructions are so clear that it shouldn’t be a problem for even the most nervous of cooks.
With its detailed photography, inspiring recipes and Laura Werlin’s expert advice, this book will help you take the grilled cheese sandwich to a completely new level and banish that plain old cheese toastie for good.

Grilled Cheese Please is published by Andrews McMeel Publishing and is due for release on 8th March 2011. ISBN 9781449401658

What grilled cheese recipes do you love?

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