Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fattoria La Vialla Organic Italian Farm

Occasionally I get samples through the post from companies asking me to review a product for them. But the parcel that I received from organic Italian farm La Vialla was completely unexpected and totally un-blog-related.

A leaflet for La Vialla dropped out of one of my regular food magazines, and, fuelled with curiosity, I sent off for a catalogue, keen to find out about the authentic Italian food that they produced. The catalogue arrived in the post a few days later, along with a swanky little DVD that showed me the farm where everything is produced, and the people behind this great food. I watched it, flicked through their catalogue and decided to order some nibbles and good pasta for eating over Christmas.

The photographs in the catalogue were so vivid I felt like I could have been in Tuscany with them, gorging on delicious pasta!

Then - nothing. I didn't actually place an order, or get in touch again - until last week when a courier brought this merry little lot to my doorstep....

There was a tiny but beautiful bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a small bottle of "Casa Conforto" Chianti and "Brutti ma Buoni" - four little tiny brown morsels that looked like pieces of dark brown bread but once bitten into, revealed that they were little nutty treats from their wood-burning oven.

The Fattoria La Vialla is an organic, biodynamic farm in Tuscany and is run by three brothers. I love the way they present the food to customers in the real Italian way - fine quality, with a huge feeling of generosity to it. Wines, olives, pasta, sauces and more can all be bought from La Vialla and you can request a catalogue via the La Vialla website.

The cards and catalogues they send all feature smiling, radiant farm workers harvesting grapes, testing the wines or driving around the farm in a bumpy retro white truck. I want to go there. I want to eat their food. I'm going to go and place an order!