Sunday, 28 November 2010

Good Food Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte - Recipe on Test

I realise that Salted Caramel is really "in" at the moment and it's everywhere - except before I made this I'd never tasted it and therefore didn't really know what all the fuss was about. However, I do remember as a small child eating my school packed lunch that always comprised of a packet of Ready Salted crisps, a small chocolate bar and a sandwich. I used to get the sandwich out of the way and then eat the salty crisps and the soft chocolate together - you see I loved the salty/sweet combo even back then in the mid-1980s when I was eight years old.

Spurred on by this sudden burst of nostalgia, I decided to make this torte, which is featured in December's issue of Good Food magazine. I won't post the recipe here, for fear of stepping on culinary toes - but you can find the whole recipe in all its glory in Good Food magazine or here on the Good Food website.

I wrote my shopping list and headed down to my nearest supermarket to collect supplies. Everything was pretty simple to find, but despite Good Food's assurance that Sainsbury's sold salted caramel chocolates to adorn the top of the torte I could not find any there, despite getting three various assistants involved. Undeterred, I went back home and began creating my salty-sweet masterpiece.

It was easy to follow all the steps, what needed the most patience was the wait inbetween each step. The digestives were mixed with melted butter and pressed into the tin which then went for a cold 10 minute wait in the fridge. The caramel (dulce de leche) and salt were then mixed together and poured over the top of the base - and then followed another 20 minute wait. Once the chocolate and cream were melted together and the vanilla and icing sugar added - there was another 10 minute wait! Then, once the whole thing is assembled, it needs to go back in the fridge for a good 5 hours, although it was better after a day of chilling and easier to cut.

Nice generous slice of the salted caramel torte - a bit oozy in the middle but it firmed up a bit after longer in the fridge
It cut into eight generous portions - and the salty caramel hit was not lost amongst all that soft creamy chocolate. Even without the special salted caramel chocolates the torte was a success and it lasted well in fridge during the two days of leftovers we enjoyed from it - my five year old even demanding a slice for breakfast the next day (she didn't get it - a bit too early for that sugar rush before school!).

We loved it and I would make it again for a special event such as a dinner party - I'm toying with the idea of serving it for our Christmas Day dessert - but if I do I'll make it on Christmas Eve to make sure it sets properly and is firm to cut. Loved it. More please!


  1. Love the ooziness! I am looking for a chocolate based Christmas day dessert for my husband who doesn't like Christmas pudding. I was thinking of doing Nigella's clementine chocolate cake but this one could be in the running too. Hmmm...

  2. Your right it's's on my blog too! Ha!

    This looks heavenly!

  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous! I saw this in the magazine and it has gone on my mental list of things I want to make one day!

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments - Nathalie - it's really easy to make, you just have to do it throughout the day or over a few hours so you can do all that cooling and chilling before moving on to the next step. And I had most of the ingredients I needed in the cupboards already - hope you enjoy it as much as we all did!

  5. I was thinking of making this for Christmas Day dessert! You've helped swing the vote ;0)

  6. Chele, that's great! Probably if I was making it again I would use a firmer type of dulce de leche - like the Merchant Gourmet stuff in the jars rather than the tinned Carnation stuff, which was a bit runny. It was a bit oozy - but then is that always a bad thing?! lol!

  7. I also made the GF salt caramel torte recently (for christmas day no less, for the trditional-pud haters) and I have to confess I was rather dissapointed in it. It was so so heavy and stodgy. I think it would benefit from some lightness, maybe whipped cream instead of regular cream melted with the chocolate? And it really really does need a good firm caramel, otherwise it oozes everywhere!

  8. Hi Souperior! Great idea about the whipped cream - it was very rich and we had to eat it in tiny slices even though we did love it - but I can see your point. I wondered if a mixture of dark and milk chocolate might also work better than just the dark chocolate, make it a bit less rich and more sweet against the salty flavours. Might have to try this again just to experiment with these ideas! Thanks for commenting :)