Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Recipe on Test: Jamie Oliver's Sausages with Bubble and Squeak & Red Onion & Balsamic Gravy

Lost for what to do for 10 mins before leaving to collect our daughter from school, my husband and I flicked on the TV and caught the last few minutes of one of the Jamie at Home re-runs. We watched Jamie rolling up a sausage, baking it in the oven with red onions, and then making an incredibly easy gravy with it. "You should make that", hubby said to me. So I did.

I remembered most of what I did from the episode - unwinding the individual sausage links and squeezing the sausage meat to make one long sausage. A bit of jiggery pokery, it's true - but worth it in the end. Then you poke in a few bay leaves here and there, and pop into the oven along with some red onions to roast.

Then comes the gravy - red onions, stock and balsamic vinegar. I was dubious about the balsamic vingear and Jamie said to put in half a bottle, but I dubiously poured in about a cupful and let it all bubble away. The cornflour thickened it to perfection and the gravy was rich, dark and had a beautiful tart flavour to it. Sausages with a rich dark onion gravy alongside crispy bubble and squeak. On a rainy day, when the condensation clouds up the windows and the cooking aromas fill the house, it doesn't get much more comforting than that.

The recipe came from Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home - Cook Your Way to the Good Life, published by Michael Joseph, 2007.

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  1. What a good idea... I don't think I saw that episode! sausages are one of my favourite comfort foods!

  2. The gravy sounds amazing! I must say I haven't got used to English sausages yet, but I'm in the learning process. :)

  3. They have to be good sausages though... I think Jamie uses pork and beef ones but we just had these pork chipolatas and they worked a treat! But they do have to have quite a lot of meat in them!