Saturday, 28 August 2010

Our Big Ol' American Ranch Style Feast!

As a family, we pride ourselves on eating a lot of different foods from different cultures. My five-year old would rather go out for Japanese rice and sushi than for a burger - and I have cooked Thai, Chinese, Moroccan, Indian, Swedish and Spanish food to name just a few. But we have never done the whole ranch-style ribs, fries and cornbread kind of dinner.

Until now. I marinaded pork ribs in barbecue sauce and then cooked them gently until they were succulent and the meat was falling off the bone. I also made cornbread for the first time - using Nigella Lawson's recipe in Nigella Christmas. It was easy to make and delicious - we had loads of leftovers which I sliced and ate cold for lunch the next day. De-lish!  Inspired by the same Nigella book, I made Peanut Butter Cups - basically icing sugar, peanut butter, more sugar, and two types of chocolate melted over the top. They were gorgeous and finished off the meal a treat.

I vowed to make cornbread again - it's yellow wobbly slices are really delicious the next day - so none goes to waste - and it uses up sweetcorn which we all love. I realise that American food is hugely rich and diverse and doesn't just involve these popular ranch-style foods - but the meal was gorgeous and we were glad we tried it! Yee-ha!!

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