Thursday, 15 July 2010

I have just written an article on the Isle of Man and feel quite nostalgic. I was there nine or ten years ago and was struck by the simplicity of life there and the laid-back nature of the island's inhabitants. It was also probably the most active two weeks of my life! We sailed out on a fishing boat to catch hoards of mackerel, which was the easiest day fishing I have ever had. We lowered our lines into the sparkling sea for under 30 seconds, and raised them, heavy and twitching with 8 or more flapping mackerel. When we got back to the cottage we ate them super fresh, grilled simply for a few minutes on each side.

On the way back from our fishing trip, we bobbed around on the Irish sea watching tiny puffins in the water and resting on the cliff side, ravenous gulls shrieking above, and a huge basking shark gliding uninterested, underneath our boat.

I climbed to the top of Snaefell, the highest point of the island, where we arrived, gasping and wobbly-legged to see the very welcome sight of a small café serving hot drinks. From there we could see the coastlines of Man, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

Hot August days were spent lolling around on secluded beaches - sometimes craggy and rocky and sometimes sandy - but always with a simple picnic.

We also ate Queenies, the local delicacy - they are a breed of scallop native to the island - I still remember their sweet and fresh taste now.

One day I would like to return to the Isle of Man as it holds many good memories for me - and of course all of them tied in with the delicious food!
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