Thursday, 20 May 2010

James Martin's Chocolate Fudge Cake

I was up early this morning with the children and rather than sit through the millionth episode of Dora the Explorer ("Squeaky Squeaky! Squeaky I love you!") I decided to sneak into the kitchen to do a bit of tinkering.

I had seen James Martin's recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake in Good Food magazine this month, and it appealed to me for two main reasons. The first was that it is hailed as an ideal bake for the many school fetes that tend to crop up in the summer. There seems to be an endless round of letters from the school's PTA asking for cakes to be donated and I always struggle for ideas. Secondly, the picture shows a thick, well-risen cake, with fudgy stiff icing and adorned with colourful hundreds and thousands. This provides vaulable potential for "Good Mummy" points! So, spatula and saucepan in hand, I set to work.

The cake is truly delicious and very decadent. Despite the enormous quantity of butter and the one and a half large bars of plain Belgian chocolate within, the cake itself is surprisingly light and bouncy. The icing on my cake dribbles lazily down the sides instead of sitting proudly on top, but that seems to make it all the more sumptuous. I think this was mainly due to greed/impatience as I may have spread the icing before it was properly set. But anyway. It looks almost as gorgeous as it tastes. And it tastes good!

It's not for everyday eating - or in any case, every week. But it has a rich and intense chocolate taste and the dense fudgy topping adds to its naughtiness. It contains more than a whole 250g block of butter and 300 grams of chocolate. My daughters - from the 23-month-old to the four-year-old - loved it (how could they not?) and my husband tucked into his second slice greedily. I have vowed to make it for the next birthday cake in the family - and that is mine, next week! ; )

If you would like to try this recipe check out Good Food Magazine (June 2010 issue) or click here for the recipe link.

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